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Weyburn Orthodontics

At our practice in Weyburn, orthodontics are used to straighten our patients’ smiles. Teeth are repositioned using tension. Over time, pressure moves the teeth and brings them into a normal range of orthodontic alignment.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, children should be seen for their first orthodontic assessment at the age of 7. At this time, there are several things that our dentists will check for to ensure that their growth and development is on track and occasionally may recommend limited orthodontic interventions to aid in the proper development of the jaws.

We have several options for aligning your teeth, the first being traditional metal braces. This method has been used for many years and is proven to create beautiful results. A wire is fixed to brackets on the teeth and tightened over time to shift the teeth into place. We treat some cases using passive self-ligating brackets and others with conventional twin brackets.

We also offer the option of clear brackets for those who may wish to have braces, yet want to limit their visibility throughout treatment.

We also offer ClearLine aligners, which will gradually reposition teeth through a series of custom made clear, comfortable, and removable aligners. ClearLine is an alternative to the metal wire and brackets and is effective at straightening teeth, closing spaces, and building confidence when showing your smile. Many patients prefer this method, as it is removable for eating and can be worn in social situations without being obviously visible.

Many cases can be treated efficiently here in our office, yet some orthodontic cases are best suited to be treated by an orthodontic specialist. We will be certain to let you know if this is the case following your orthodontic consultation.

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